SPICER - SCULPTOR & Mental Health Advocate

Artist Statement

Having very close people directly impacted by “Mental Disorders”, my life changed. Coming to terms and realizing that this is an unrealized, vitally important  daily issue in the common place  (which means it’s “Normal”), I’ve made it my life mission to be significant and advocate for Mental Health Awareness and Child Abuse Survivors. 


I began sculpting shark teeth to introduce Shark Art into the home after learning from the Hawaiians that shark teeth evoke good health and prosperity. We all need this, and we need it on automatic with our lifestyles. Daily reminders and awareness of our minds. Our thoughts. Control over the emotions we locked away and tried to forget. Master ourselves so that there are no triggers that can manipulate us to forget who we really are and take away our control.

Mental Health, like Sharks, is misunderstood. But through persistence we discover the truth – and that truth is not ugly at all –  it is magical!

The greatest predators of our oceans are synchronized to our well-being and deserve respect with conservation. We will never fully understand Sharks, nor will we Mental Disorders, but that is ok. The inability to understand everything is also how we measure FAITH. And Faith is necessary to maintain respect, love and trust necessary to live a full healthy life. 

Besides... Everything looks way cooler on a shark tooth!

                                                                       - SPICER



It’s not about me. It’s not about you. It’s about humanity.

GIVING = HEALING... It’s addictive and feels good to be a contributor and nurture.  

MISSION SIGNIFICANT is about advocating for mental health. Not just for myself or for specific non-profit organizations I believe in, but for everyone! Giving to a cause close to your heart is therapeutic and vital to your emotional state. Just like I personally sponsor and raise money for Organizations to help abused Children, Mental Health, Ocean Conservation, as well as for Puppy Dogs. From my personal experiences I know how vital it is to help a child that is dealing with trauma. I know how it feels to share unconditional love with my four legged companions. I have personally dealt with PTSD symptoms as an adult from traumas that found me. And in case you have not noticed, sharks are my thing and I absolutely love the oceans and beaches. Helping these things are part of my creative therapy to keep my mental health in check. I do way better when I have a purpose larger than and outside of myself to contribute to. And I know I’m not alone because this is a human attribute we all have and we need to nurture. Which is why I started MISSION SIGNIFICANT – and helping my fellow humans be able to scratch this inherit itch is what I strive to do!

Divergent thinking helps discover fun and exciting ways to make it happen and when you get a couple of crazy minds together with big imaginations and a purpose, RAD things happen!


The groups that we want to support –  takes creativity and money to make happen. If you would like to be SIGNIFICANT to the MISSION, join the League of STIGMA ASSASSINS and partner with me to make it happen as part of your creative TRUTH too. 


First video of SPICER - sculptor and mental health advocate explaining how he sculpts gypsum to create visual arts to advocate for Mental Health by Marty Ray Project


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